HAPPY HOLIDAYS! I hope you will enjoy this newly! re-mixed version of a song my mother, Sharon and I wrote and finally put out to the world last year. This version will hopefully be on itunes in a few months but for now, you can listen all you want right here! Wishing everyone a heart full of love and peace.  Oh and download the lead sheet here!

Hello and thanks for dropping by. I am a voiceover artist/producer, singer/songwriter, comedic actress, performance coach and writer of all sorts of things. Of late, I seem to be writing a lot of checks but that’s another story. I live in Southern California. I love photography, playing the piano and tomfoolery. I love my family but they have asked to be kept “out of that whole media circus you keep trying to involve us in”. I do not like shenanigans, or ironing, except things like napkins. Speaking of laundry, it would appear that I have a date with my pantsuits! Yes, my fellow Americans, after waiting patiently for many many many many years for Mrs. Clinton to get off her behind and actually make something of herself, my waiting is over and I can get on with my duties as official impersonator! To kick things off the sexy people at MSN said I was one of the most hilarious Clinton impersonators in the country! See here for the video!)

In addition to Hillary, I also do other celebrity impersonations like Barbara Walters and Diane Sawyer as well my own original characters. I hope you enjoy clicking around here on the various pages. If you have any questions, please refer to the brochure in the seat pocket in front of you. If you would like to help me in my artistic endeavors, I’ve started a gofundme page. That’s go FUND me with a ‘D’. As of yet, I still do not have an agent or a production company to help get this behemoth off the ground but with God’s help and your je ne sais $$$ we just might see something magical take off.


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Check out www.twitter.com/HillaryTalks.  Hillary responds to tweets in her ‘own voice’. They’re very short bits between 1 and 3 minutes.  Click one of the tracks below to hear!

This January I will be appearing on THE VIEW (ABC) performing some comedy and then having a little chat with co-host Sherri Shepherd! I can’t wait. Check back for the date!

Watch the trailer now and tune in on PBS, November 24th as Rosemary helps to honor her idol and champion, the legendary Carol Burnett!

Carol mentioned our meeting on The Carson Podcast.  Around 18 minutes in, Carol, was asked by the show’s host Mark Malkoff, to talk about yours truly. It is STILL surreal to hear this legend refer to me by name. Thank you Carol!


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