For anyone just tuning in…the past six months have been wild and they aren’t slowing down! In July I learned that Carol Burnett, my childhood idol, wanted me to perform at The Mark Twain Prize for which she was the honoree this year. It was an absolutely thrilling experience complete with every emotion you could imagine. You can read more about it on my blog and in the NEWS and PRESS pages on my site as well as a new  page I’ve just dedicated to Carol. Look over to the top right tab.

But Carol’s PR gifts did not end in D.C.. On Monday, November 11th, I got a call from The Queen Latifah Show. Carol was on and had again talked about me. The next day, I was at Sony Studios in LA doing a little singin’ and talking and trumpet playing!

But wait there’s more! If you are on Twitter, check out my newest project www.twitter.com/HillaryTalks.  Hillary responds to tweets in her ‘own voice’. They’re very short bits between 1 and 3 minutes.  Click one of the tracks below to hear!
This January I will be appearing on THE VIEW (ABC) performing some comedy and then having a little chat with co-host Sherri Shepherd! I can’t wait. Check back for the date!

Watch the trailer now and tune in on PBS, November 24th as Rosemary helps to honor her idol and champion, the legendary Carol Burnett!

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Watch Carol Talk About RW!

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    Carol Burnett Talks About Rosemary
    Carol Burnett Talks About Rosemary Watson!
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    At 3:40-Carol Burnett talks about RW on Leno!