Hello and thanks for dropping by. I am a voiceover artist/producer, singer, comedic actress and writer. I live in Southern California. I love photography, playing the piano and tomfoolery. I do not like shenanigans, or ironing, except things like napkins and I have no patience for getting the meat off of a mango pit.

With that out of the way, let me say on this late Spring day in 2014 that it is hard to believe almost a year! has passed since I learned that the incomparable, amazing and all too funny Carol Burnett, wanted ME to perform at The Mark Twain Prize for Humor, not to be confused with The Mark Twain Prize for Salesman of the Year. I am still feeling the ripple effects of Carol’s kindness and support. A Facebook friend just shared that he heard Carol mention me on a The Carson Podcast. I had not heard about it until today. Around 18 minutes in, Carol, was asked by the show’s host Mark Malkoff, to talk about yours truly. It is STILL surreal to hear this legend refer to me by name. Thank you Carol!


In other news, now that Hillary has finally started to get us some work…I posted my first parody video (in a loooong time) of her and Diane Sawyer discussing her/our newest book, Hard Choices…with an ‘s’. Watch the video and you’ll get it!


But it’s my newest voice, Barbara Walters that really has me excited. Here’s my world-premiere! I’m hoping to reveal her on camera soon, too!


If you are on Twitter, check out my latest project www.twitter.com/HillaryTalks. ¬†Hillary responds to tweets in her ‘own voice’. They’re very short bits between 1 and 3 minutes. ¬†Click one of the tracks below to hear!
This January I will be appearing on THE VIEW (ABC) performing some comedy and then having a little chat with co-host Sherri Shepherd! I can’t wait. Check back for the date!

Watch the trailer now and tune in on PBS, November 24th as Rosemary helps to honor her idol and champion, the legendary Carol Burnett!

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Watch Carol Talk About RW!

  • ++ 1 year ago ++
    Carol Burnett Talks About Rosemary
    Carol Burnett Talks About Rosemary Watson!
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    At 3:40-Carol Burnett talks about RW on Leno!