What’s your favorite color? Turquoise

Have you ever sold pantyhose? Yes at Bergdorf-Goodmans in NYC. Once to Jane Pauley.

How long have you been doing voiceovers? About seven years ago, my son was an infant and his dad and I were divorcing. I needed a career I could do from home. At the time I was singing a lot at night and that wasn’t going to work with a baby. Doing voiceovers was a logical choice and the best career move I made. I had a closet that I turned into my isolation booth and in I went.

I want to get into voiceovers, what’s your advice? First I would say, find a closet. Secondly, I’d only consider doing VOs if you would enjoy the technical side of it. Editing your own tracks. In today’s world, you have to know how to produce your own stuff. It’s not hard but you have to want to learn that side of it or you’ll fall behind. Find some free sound editing software and start messin’ around with a microphone to see if that suits you. Don’t do VOs as a stepping stone to your acting career. You’ll end up doing neither very often. Focus on one or the other for a while. Study acting and music! And for God’s sake, don’t do your ‘funny little’ voices all day and annoy people.

What are some of your favorite words? Bloviate, feckless, luminescence. They sound like their meaning. I love words and play lots of word games like Scrabble, Bananagrams, Boggle. I also enjoy mind games. I’m playing one with you right now and I totally just scored!

Have you ever directed traffic? Yes, on a very busy corner during the LA riots with one of my best friends Carol. Our picture appeared in the LA Times. We almost caused several accidents.

Do you have siblings? Yes. Two. My sister is a fantastic musician and my brother is a one of the best political joke writers I know. They are both older and helped shape my past and present neurosis…which they say is vital for comedy. So thanks. Thanks a lot.

What are your hobbies? Flowers, photography, moving my body and lately looking at lots of gems and old coins with my son. I’m also into stealing gems and old coins. Keeps me and everyone who knows me on my toes.

What animated films do you love? My Neighbor Totoro, Ponyo, and some others from Studio Ghibli.

Is it true you can’t remember a movie you saw say last week?Pretty much, and even ones that I really loved except for Christopher Guest films.

What was the most memorable compliment you were ever paid for your singing? I was singing at The Beverly Hills Polo Lounge one Christmas evening and James Coburn came up, leaned in and said in that voice….”you sing so sweetly baby.” Now if you want to know the most I was ever paid to NOT sing…that was another party and it did happen at The Montage, but you’ll have to pay me to talk.

Who are some singers you would walk across the street to hear? I’d briskly walk across the street to hear so many. I’d even shell out good money (read stolen coins) to hear the likes of: Tony Bennett, Eliane Elias, Kurt Elling, Tierney Sutton, Trijntje Oosterhuis, Gino Vannelli, Ivan Lins, Barbra Streisand, Diana Krall, Pino Danielle, Luis Miguel, Richard Bona and anyone singing with The Metropole Jazz Orchestra and Vince Mendoza.

You have had a multitude of painful jobs. What was the MOST painful one? Probably the one where I was dressed up in a sandwich board walking around Bloomingdales NYC trying to sell a clip-on watch. They were hiring ‘actors’. (Ouch). The first sandwich board they gave me was made out of very heavy wood and I was wearing brand new plastic boots that weren’t ‘broken in’. Can you break in plastic? By the end of the day I was about 4 inches shorter.

Would you ever live in NYC again? Yes but only if I get my own room. I lived there when I was in my early 20s. Shared a studio! with one of my best friends, Carrie, on 82nd Street between First and York. It was a hard city for me but I did get some great acting training from Ron Stetson and had some private voice lessons.

Favorite TV Show? The Carol Burnett Show changed my life. And still is! I was also Arrested Development’s first fan which is odd because usually I find things after everyone else is done with them, like Flight of the Conchords or The Office. I think I just finished Seinfeld. I love Downton Abbey and Nova and Portlandia (oh wait that’s a current one! I’m so hip!!)

Do you have a sweet tooth? No

Do you like shopping? Very rarely.

Shecky Greene and Buddy Hackett? Is it true the rumors? Yes! I’ve told you people the truth. They used to eat at The Souplantation on La Cienaga once a week back in the early 90s. I was there, alone, studying for some class I was taking at UCLA and they invited me to their table to hang out. You can’t make that up.

And the stories about Chuck Heston? Look, I gotta go…It is a fact, but I can’t get into it right now.

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