Comic Relief: Hillary and Donald Impersonators
have a “Fourth Debate” at New Jersey Chamber of Commerce’s Forum in Edison

20 October 2016

2016 Forum

John Di Domenico as Donald Trump, and Rosemary Watson as Hillary Clinton entertain the crowd at the
NJ Chamber Forum 2016 at the Pines Manor in Edison on Sept. 20.
For more photos, click here. (Photos: Russ DeSantis Photography and Video, LLC)


RW can be heard regularly on The Tonight Show
voicing the part of Hillary Clinton!




SEPT 2016

Catch RW on The Today Show Australia  Aired Sept. 16 Down Under Time!

 AUGUST 2016

AUGUST 26th NEW! Catch The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon to hear Rosemary aka Hillary!

AUGUST 27th Tickets will be handed out starting at 5pm at the box office. Head over to Cinepolis for a Vegas ’69 drink/app! Doors open at 6:30pm. Show starts at 7pm

AUG. 27th!


JULY 2016


JUNE 2016

Come relive the glitz and glamour of 1969 in this VERY FUN! Vegas-style lounge show.
Our  preview concert of VEGAS ’69 features a killer 9-piece band!!!
Don’t miss it!
In San Pedro at Call for tickets. Seating is limited!














MAY 2016

MARCH 2016

Univision’s HEADS OF SPACE is a fun animated satire I’ve been working on!

Check it out Earthlings!


February 2016

LOOK! And then get your tickets! I’m Co-hosting the San Diego Cabaret Awards!!










January 2016

and guess who gave me a shout out!!!! Wonders NEVER cease.















December 24th
Download your free The Season’s Best – Lead Sheet 2015 ! No strings attached.

To buy the sheet music for piano/voice click here.

December 2
I’ll be MCing this event in Del Mar!

D8-258 Santa_sign_22x28 copy






OCT.  …got to visit NYC and record with my friends on the Howard Stern Show as Hillary! Hope to head back in 2016!20151006_105509








BE IN THE BAND workshop is now forming for OCT/NOV.
Email to sign up! or find us on!

Next one in FEBRUARY 2016











BeInTheBand-Personal flyers



BeInTheBand-Personal flyers































Also, mark you calendar for August 7th. I’ll be performing in the gaslamp at Croce’s Park West with a STELLAR band including Kamau Kenyatta, Mike Kennedy, Richard Sellars….together we are the Marty Wienberg Quartet. Don’t miss it!!

If you are a Howard Stern radio fan, be on the listen for my impersonations!!

With Mikan Zlatkovich

Airport Sheraton, San Diego 5:30-9pm

Rob Whitlock, Charlie Weller










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Posted some fun new videos on YOUTUBE….check em out!

My songwriting partner and I have started crankin out the crankable tunes. Our first one? Naturally, one for Hillary supporters!
Take a listen and download it on itunes or on our site.


Hey! David Letterman called and I got to be the voice of HC in his monologue!


I was on Dan Rea’s Nightside conservative talk radio show on 4/23.  It was an interesting experience. Not sure I would do it quite the same as too many callers thought they were talking to the REAL Hillary and kinda missed the ‘comedy’ part.


Latest article in the San Diego Union Tribune.
Impersonator pins her hopes on ‘Hillary

Don’t miss my latest videos on my new channel Hillary Talks


Here’s a fresh interview written by blogger Judy Kurtz for

And here’s the companion video of Judy on GOOD DAY DC


Starting things off with a little DIY comedy. Introducing Bobby Sage!!

December 2014

The Season’s Best, my original holiday tune that I wrote with my mom is available on iTunes, cdbaby and more! No time like the present to prepare for the 2015 Holiday season!!! (Note to self: Must work on my timing.)

September 2014






























August 2014

My Latest Creation…

June 2014

My Latest Creation…

May 2014

I’m very behind aren’t I in updating this page! Oh well, here’s a little something that came in. Cool company that deals with foodies! Watch ViMax Video with VO by RW here

March 2014

Quoted in the Washington Times…Check out the last line.

February 2014

“So what exactly do you DO all day?” Well, Chet…in addition to helping my little son with his school projects and volunteering when and where I can, I have been doing lots of voice overs and have been getting back into singing after a somewhat long hiatus. Oh, and I’ve cut and colored my hair but don’t have the pictures yet to prove it!! Not sure what color it will be by the end of the month so stay tuned. Here are some things I’ve been working on in February. Corporate in-house videos (Johnson & Johnson, GlobalPharma Business and another SD biotech company who has me sworn to secrecy) Web videos ( and seen here) Local tv ads (Pacific Honda…that one might be playing now in San Diego. I play old lady Wilkerson. And my first ads for the state of Alaska!! Did some spots for Dr. Kim Wright, a spine surgeon.) Phone systems (for a national client for whom I am under an NDA. See! I can keep my mouth shut!! I’ll tell you later.) In-store ads (Next time you are in Rite Aid, listen for the Brita ads) AND… my one catalog print job so far this month for Road Runner Sports. This was an easy shoot with Kinely Bennett Creative. Ironically, the night before I was to don running attire I decided to demonstrate for my child what a round-off cartwheel looked like. Now, the thing you should know is that I had not done a round-off cartwheel in about, oh, 27 years. Suffice it to say I won’t be doing one again anytime soon. Fortunately, we were not asked to run at full speed during the shoot for standing up straight was actually a bit of a challenge! Word to the wise, practice gymnastics AFTER the photo shoot. Thanks to Frank and Carol at Shamon-Freitas Talent Agency here in super San Diego for connecting me with so many great people.

January 2014

I’ve been doing some TV spots like this one for Complete Body Fitness.

December 2013

Check out my latest TWITTER Account called HillaryTalks, short little audio tweets served up daily!  Please come over!  Follow and share!

November 24, 2013

Viewing party in San Diego to watch THE MARK TWAIN PRIZE Honoring Carol Burnett! We’ll be watching the show at The Grand Del Mar’s Club M. Seating is limited so please let us know if you would like to come. It’s not a hosted party just a gorgeous, (5-star) comfortable place to watch the PBS Special…with great food and happy hour drink prices. It will be a great night out on the town. Visit my facebook page for more details.

November 13, 2013

A clip from yesterday’s show!!

November 12, 2013

Thanks to Carol Burnett, I’ll be making my national TV singing debut on The Queen Latifah Show. Check local listings for airtime today!! QL_1045-20131107-RV_1504

Noveber 11, 2013

Please watch the wonderful Carol Burnett on The Queen Latifah Show. Check local listings.

October 28, 2013

Acculturated A legendary female entertainer receives a fan letter from a younger, undiscovered voice over actress who idolizes the star and wants some career advice. Read the full article here.

October 24, 2013

The Good News Network Indeed, one of the stipulations by Carol in accepting the award last night was that the lineup include an upcoming comedienne, Rosemary Watson, who recently wrote a fan letter to Carol, and won her praise after the star saw her excellent impressions of Hillary Clinton and Diane Sawyer. Read the full article here.

October 21, 2013

Washington Post As for Burnett, she continued to play that mentor role. She requested that the little-known comedian Rosemary Watson perform at the show after Watson wrote a letter to her only a few weeks ago. Watson called Burnett “her fairy godmother,” saying she was speechless at the invitation to perform her uncanny Hillary Rodham Clinton impersonation for the Twain audience. Read the full article here.

October 20, 2013

Arriving on the red carpet RosemaryWatson-WaPoGettyRosemary+Watson

October 13, 2013

Hot off the wire…Check out this article by UT-San Diego’s Pam Kragen, with some very special quotes from Carol Burnett! Screen Shot 2013-10-18 at 2.29.06 PM









September 4, 2013  LOOK WHAT HAPPENED!!!

A lineup of top entertainers including, Julie Andrews, Lucie Arnaz, Tony Bennett, Tim Conway, Tina Fey, Rashida Jones, Vicki Lawrence, Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph, Martin Short, Rosemary Watson and others will salute Carol Burnett at the 16th Annual Kennedy Center Mark Twain Prize for American Humor on Sunday, October 20, 2013 at 8:00 p.m. The evening will pay tribute the humor and accomplishments of Carol Burnett, and will be taped by WETA Washington, D.C. as Carol Burnett: The Kennedy Center Mark Twain Prize. The program will air on PBS stations nationwide November 24, 2013 (check local listings). Artists are subject to change. The 16th Annual Kennedy Center Mark Twain Prize, sponsored by Capital One Bank, focuses on the achievements of American comedic artists. The proceeds from the evening’s event are used to support the Kennedy Center’s programs, performances, and outreach. As recipient of the 2013 Mark Twain Prize for American Humor, Ms. Burnett will receive a copy of an 1884 bronze portrait bust of Mark Twain sculpted by Karl Gerhardt (1853-1940). The bust and images of it are courtesy of the Mark Twain House and Museum in Hartford, Connecticut. Read more about PBS to Air Kennedy Center’s Carol Burnett Celebration,

September 4, 2013

Dearest Friends, It would appear that my “ship has come in!” and/or “my goose has been cooked”. I’ve never been quite clear on the distinction. I mean having a goose cooked sounds pretty good in theory…unless of course you are a vegetarian (which I am). Never mind. I’m confused and you obviously know why, or you wouldn’t be here! Carol Burnett is this year’s recipient of the Kennedy Center’s Mark Twain Prize for American Humor. The ceremony will be held in Washington D.C. on October 20, 2013 and she has invited me to be a part of the celebration alongside some of the biggest names in show business. Am I joking? No. They are seriously some of the biggest names in show business! Am I beyond speechless, humbled, grateful, in awe, shocked, stunned? Yes. Could I in a million years have predicted that I would end up at the Kennedy Center participating in an award show for the woman I idolized with every fiber of my being as a child. Yes. I do believe if I had 999,999 years I would have guessed it in that last year. What truly makes this story so sublime are events that occurred decades ago. When Carol Burnett was in school at UCLA (my alma mater) she was given a thousand dollars from an ‘anonymous’ donor to help further her career and move to New York. She took the money under the condition that she would pay the man back in five years, if she could, (which she did to the day), that she would never reveal his name (which she hasn’t) and that she would help others get their start. I promise I will stop crying by the time October 20th rolls around. The show will air on PBS on November 24, 2013. I hope you will tune in. Love, Rosemary

June 23, 2013

This past month I was busy with the usual mixed-bag of jobs. I did a local spot for Mossy Nissan with The Kitchen Agency. It should be on the TV airwaves soon in San Diego. Guess what I played? The mom! Attendees of the Cannes film festival heard me in an animated movie that, fingers crossed, gets picked up. In that I play the nerdy, French 10 year old girl. Beautiful animation by the incredible team at Double Take Media solutions. Some other vo jobs included: Sippy Rx,, AIG, Amberen and Youmail.  I also got to revisit Sarah Palin for a company in South Africa! And lastly, venturing far off into a completely different world, I created this video for children (and parents) who are going through, or have gone through a divorce. Please share it with anyone you think it might help!

May 31, 2013
















May 24, 2013

To see pictures from last week’s concert, go to the Singing Page and scroll under the tab to find the Photo Gallery. It was a fun show. I got to sing with some of San Diego’s best jazz musicians as well as my best friend, Anna, who added so much with her back up vocals. You’ll hear more on that partnership later as Anna will be singing in my new pop band that is currently forming!! Rosemary Watson Singing













May 19, 2013

This is an unlisted video. You can only get the link here!!! Insane footage of me rehearsing.

May 18, 2013

Oceanside Jazz at the Brooks. A concert with Mikan Zlatkovich’s band – 2 sets. 7:30pm. Tickets are $15.00 Oceanside Concert 2013













April 26, 2013

NOTE: I will not be at the Park Hyatt on April 26th. Gig was cancelled. Agent error.

April 23, 2013

A short I acted in for Kimpton Hotels…just launched today.

April 22, 2013

Been a little slow to update this page…my apologies. Performed this morning, along with Patrick Berrogain, at our son’s school. You know we jazzers love to keep on our toes and try to play at 8am 😉 Hopefully, we entertained and educated the fifth graders as we talked about what jazz is as well as what opportunities there are to play it. We performed a standard swing tune, a samba, a bossa nova and a blues and got the kids scatting. It was a really enjoyable morning for us both. I wonder how my life would have been different if I had been exposed to the world of jazz earlier? Although I grew up with musical opportunities, I didn’t figure out that ‘jazz singer’ was even a career option until my 30s!

Feb 22, 2013

The past couple of weeks I have been busy doing mostly voiceover work. I’m looking forward to seeing what my friends over at have done with a Hillary track I sent them!  I have also enjoyed a new developing ‘relationship’ with…I hope it’s not too soon to call it a relationship? I have voiced a few radio spots for them for Budget Blinds and Amberen. and I teamed up for a project for Kimberly-Clark. Hopefully, this is just the beginning as they look like a really cool company with great ideas! My website is looking better than ever thanks to Brenna at

Nov.21, 2012

It’s been a ‘corporate parody’ kind of month! Had great fun writing and co-starring in an in-house video for The American Hotel & Lodging Association’s annual meeting in NYC. The piece I wrote was a skit to introduce the new Chairman of the Board, Ron Vlasic (Reg. VP of Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants.) It was a multi-city production between San Diego, San Francisco and Chicago. I wouldn’t recommend trying it at home. Ron and the Kimpton people were a delight to work for. We shot our scenes at the Palomar Hotel in SD which is a one-of-a-kind very cool boutique hotel. Check it out! Oh and hopefully, Ron won’t mind me sharing this little blurb he wrote…ahem….”I can’t thank you enough for the great job you did. You have unbelievable talent!” Yah me! And today, I finished working on an short little ditty for Taylor Made. It was a fun bit that will be used for one of their in-house events. I played a news reporter. Got to work with a crack media team, Check them out as well!

Oct. 29, 2012

Steve Sussman, my latest creation was unveiled today. I had an incredible amount of fun creating this ‘man’. He started out as a woman by the name of Marcia Moore Cross, then morphed into Ronnie Richmond, then Pierre Sanchez etc… It took me 2 weeks or about 13 days longer than I originally planned to finish taping it. Filming on one’s on can be incredibly challenging, and even depressing. Sometimes I would have a great take only to discover that the whole thing was out of focus. This happened about 15 times. (no joke) Living near a small airport and neighbors who have their yards ‘blown’ clean every day are other impediments that I had to work around (about 20 takes). Lighting, weather, sound are all other issues that come up when shooting outdoors (25 takes). Ultimately, I ended up using footage that I could live with. I have about 1 hours worth of outtakes and I hope to make a video of that soon.

Steve Sussman Goes OFF!! in TV ad against Bob Buckley


Oct. 3, 2012

I DID perform at the Music on the Mountain series and what a fun time we had. Awesome crowd and wonderful library where we performed. But wait, there’s more. Carol Burnett is clearly trying to kill me. Otherwise why else would she have said my name again last night!! on Leno. Keep an eye out on her would ya, she’s up to something?  (and we’re breathing, in and out, in and out….)

Sept. 25, 2012

Now THIS is great news. Carol Burnett just mentioned me on CBS. Please read my latest blog…a few links over… to hear how I met the legendary comedienne…and beautiful person. July 25, 2012 And now ladies and germs, my latest impersonation, Ann Romney…just uploaded it today.

Answers With Ann! Featuring Hornita!

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