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WOW!!! Check out this amazing quote from Carol in the January 2016 issue of United Airlines’ Hemispheres Magazine. Thank you LEGENDARY GODDESS COMEDY ICON!

Hemispheres: Many members of the new generation of female comedians owe something to you. Do you have any favorites?

Burnett: Let me put a little caveat in there: I don’t think they owe me anything. Had I not been born, they’d still be doing what they’re doing. I like the usual suspects—Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. There’s this gal I talk about, her name is Rosemary Watson. She wrote me a fan letter a couple of years ago, a very nice letter, and told me she was on YouTube. She had me on the floor. She does Hillary Clinton better than anyone. If you close your eyes, it’s her. She has her voice down pat. But then she does characters that she’s made up, like a plastic surgeon’s receptionist whose face doesn’t move, which is brilliant. I called her up and told her what a fan I was.

The entire interview is here!

Hot of the press!! March 2015.  Check out this great interview by Judy Kurtz at

Carol Burnett: She wrote me a fan letter a few months ago, and it was lovely, and I was impressed by it. She just wanted some advice, because what she would really love to have is a career doing a variety show, because she can do all these different characters.
She makes a living doing a lot of voice-overs, so I Googled or YouTubed her, and I thought she was terrific. She nailed Hillary Clinton’s voice, plus Diane Sawyer, plus – get this – James Carville! And she did other characters she made up, and one of them is a plastic surgeon’s assistant who can’t move her face. And she’s also a brilliant jazz singer who plays the piano. – From Jay Bobbin-Zap2It (10/21/13)

“As for Burnett, she continued to play that mentor role. She requested that the little-known comedian Rosemary Watson perform at the show. Watson called Burnett “her fairy godmother,” saying she was speechless at the invitation to perform her uncanny Hillary Rodham Clinton impersonation for the Twain audience.” – From Washington Post (10/21/13)

Burnett made a special request that rising comedienne Rosemary Watson, who does impressions of Hillary Clinton and others, be part of the show. Burnett found Watson on YouTube after receiving a fan letter and thought she was funny. The thing is, you pay it forward,” Burnett said, “because when I got started, somebody gave me a break when I was 21 years old, and I wanted to go to New York.” Before the show, Watson said that watching Burnett shaped her life as a child. She said Burnett was not a joke teller but created funny characters. “I do what I do because of her,” Watson said. “For me, she was it. She was the female comedian I wanted to be most like.” – From Associated Press (10/21/13)

“Colleagues described Burnett as generous and classy. Vicki Lawrence, a co-star on Burnett’s long-running variety show, and Rosemary Watson, a fellow entertainer, described how Burnett helped their careers after responding to simple fan letters they had sent to her. “She shaped my life as a child,” Watson said. “She was the female comedienne I wanted to be most like.” – From Reuters (10/21/13)

Rosemary UT Article

“…Burnett said she was astonished by the quality of Watson’s impersonations, particularly her dead-on voice impression of Clinton. Burnett said she was motivated to help Watson because she believes in her talent. It’s her way of paying forward a favor she received in 1954, when a La Jolla businessman saw her perform at a San Diego gala and lent her $1,000 to take her talent to New York…” – From San Diego Union Tribune (10/13/13)

“Burnett will be saluted by a bevy of stars when she receives the Mark Twain Prize next month.” – From (10/04/13)

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Jeannie Moos of CNN featured Rosemary in this story during the 2008 election.


“Funny” – Paul Bedard US News & World Report

“Better Than SNL?” – The New York Times

“Fast emerging as America’s leading Hillary impersonator” – The Telegraph (UK)

“It was a success. Lots of positive reactions. The editor at the News Department’s foreign desk who has listened to the real Hillary a lot actually thought it was her until the very end of the interview. Only one negative mail so far from an older lady who thought is was improper for a serious talk show like mine not to tell the listeners in advance. Thank you and hope we can do Cindy McCain later.” – Thomas Nordegren –- Host, Swedish International Radio/Former Washington Correspondent

“You were a big hit. Thanks again for going the extra mile. It would be great to do this again.” – Andrew Rasiej, Founder, Micah Sifry — Executive Editor,  Tech President

Brandweek’s David Wallis interviewed Rosemary for a piece he wrote on politics and body language.
In particular they discussed Hillary’s hand gestures. Click here for the full interview.
The article was on politics and body language.