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Since, 1995, Rosemary has sung jazz and pop along with her group at hundreds of high-end corporate events and hotels, as well as two or three really low-end joints. Just kidding.

While she mostly covers jazz and international standards in live settings, in the studio her wide range of styles, musicality and seasoned ears can cover R&B, Pop, Blues and Broadway. She also composes and writes lyrics. She has dozens of smash hits yet to be discovered!

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“Sophistication, class and elegance mixed in with dynamic vocals and vocal styling’s, Rosemary Watson truly puts the ‘Special’ in Special Events.”  ~ Carlette Taylor, Entertainment/Sale Coordinator, Pacific Entertainment Productions

More nitty gritty details about the Singer…

Rosemary’s maternal grandmother (“GoGo” as she was called) was a gifted pianist, church organist and educator in Kokomo, Indiana. She received her musical education in the 1920s from Indiana University. Rosemary’s mother, Sharon, holds Masters degrees in piano, organ, and harp, and is one of the world’s most prolific harp arrangers with over 1000 titles to her name. She is still performing today and selling  her music.( Rosemary, along with her older siblings, Celia and David, were immersed in musical education and training from their earliest recollection. David went on to become a serious audio-phile and Celia, along with her tribe of singers and musicians exude more talented endeavors than Rosemary can keep up with. Rosemary’s father Bill, fortunately, was NOT a musician but a land developer and businessman whose money was needed to keep Rosemary in instruments and sequins. (He picked up the piano in his late forties, on his own and has dreams of holding a recital on the golf-course! Wait, maybe we have that confused?) Rosemary’s first paying instrumental job came when she was a young teenager, playing flute along side her mother for church services and weddings in Northwest Indiana. It was not until Rosemary was in her 30s, however, that she began singing jazz professionally. During her 20s, she suffered a serious bought of ‘singing’ stage-fright. While she could perform in other ways before live audiences, singing ‘got to her head.’ At the age of 31 she enrolled in a performance class at LA City College, lead by Peisha McFee and Mel Dangcil. With their help and encouragement, she overcame her fears and booked her first steady engagement at The Ritz-Carlton in Marina del Rey, CA. Her first band members were John Rangel and Billy Mohler. From there, numerous fine hotels and clubs have showcased her talent for extended periods including The Four Seasons (Newport Beach and Aviara), The Bellagio and The Paris Hotel to name a few.

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A Clip from the Queen Latifah Show!

Original song co-written with Pete Peterkin

for TV placement. (Yes, it’s me doing a 30’s vibe on vocals too.)
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