Horse Meat & Bed Sheets…A Singer Sits In

Tonight I’m sitting in at a local restaurant…well, local if you live in La Jolla…and ‘sitting-in’ in the musical sense, not the political sense. If you aren’t sure what I mean, to ‘sit-in’ with a band means you are performing with a group you haven’t necessarily rehearsed with and for which you probably aren’t getting paid.  Inherent in the meaning is also the idea no one can complain about your performance because, “hey…I’m just sitting-in!” So in that sense, the “sit-in” does allow the performer a certain freedom.

To “sit-in” in the other sense of the word means “a form of direct action that involves one or more people nonviolently occupying an area for a protest, often to promote political, social, or economic change.” (from Wikipedia)

I suppose in a perfect world I could sit-in AND sit-in. That would be something special and a more effective use of my time, no-doubt. But for tonight I can’t really think of a good political reason to sit-in at Eddie V’s. Oh sure this whole IKEA horse-meat food mislabeling thing has me miffed…but then again, the whole dead cow/dead pig thing doesn’t really float my boat either and I don’t know why everyone this side of France gets up on their high-horse over horse meat?

Frankly, I think if I was gonna do a sit-in regarding the products at IKEA it would be about the sheets that I just bought.  Although it’s not necessarily their fault that I’m a sucker. I don’t know what I was thinking buying a 300- thread count…but the color absolutely lured me in.  Just like a Hoover vacuum had hold of my neck, I couldn’t resist. They had a sheen about them and so I thought maybe it had some of that magic micro fabric mixed in.


Well, they don’t. They’re just as you would expect a 300-thread count to feel. Terrible. And I know because I’ve slept on them and I can’t take them back.But the color is gorgeous isn’t it? Not some mealy baby blue, not hospital green…but a perfect happy shade of turquoise. To be honest, when I buy sheets I think it’s important that they not only look good on the bed but also provide a good backdrop for my skin tone if say, just say, someday there was an on-looker. Which there isn’t. But I’m prepared.

Sadly, my last boyfriend was killed at a sit-in.  He was seated when he should have been standing and was trampled.

I think tonight, I’ll probably stand and sing, in protest of the sit-in. I bought a new pair of shoes the other day  at DSW, which was next door to the IKEA.  They are incredibly high making them the ideal shoe to get on a horse with. To be honest I bought two pairs and one doesn’t fit as I thought it would once my feet de-swelled from walking around IKEA. I don’t know what I was thinking buying an enclosed size 7!  In a stroke of sheer luck, however, there’s a DSW on the way to my gig tonight and you can bet your Swede ass that I’m taking them back! See you there. I start at 7pm.

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